Name :  Bioplacenton Per pieces

Merk : Bioplacenton 

Type : Drug skin

Packaging unit : Pieces

Package contents : Per pieces

Information contents :

a.Dimension : -

b.Weight : -

c.Color : White 

Additional information :

Each 15 gram Bioplacenton contains: Placenta Extract 10%, Neomycin sulfate 0.5%, and Jelly base.

Bioplacenton placenta extracts and neomycin sulfate sulfate (an antibiotic). This combination is part of a highly effective wound care. Placenta extract as "biogenic stimulators" plays an important role in accelerating cell regeneration and wound healing. While neomycin sulfate works as an antibiotic that kills a variety of germs with working power is not interrupted by pus.
Bioplacenton available in the form of jelly that contains a lot of water so that the effect is more rapid. In addition to providing a sense of cool, Bioplacenton also safe to use and easy to obtain.

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Bioplacenton Per pieces

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