Name : Baygon Masquito Repellant Mat 60's

Merk : Baygon

Type : Masquito Repellant

Packaging unit : Pak

Package contents : 60's

Information contents

a.Dimension : -

b.Weigth : -

 Additional infomation :

Baygon mosquito dengue specially formulated to quickly kill nyamukaedes aegypti and efektif.Keunggulan: - 2 in 1 formula with double action-mebunuh mosquitoes quickly, long-lasting power of the scent segarPengunaan: shake before use. Aim spray away from the face and press the button, hold it upright packaging. Baygon spray into the room or surfaces where mosquitoes often perch or passing. Close all doors and windows. Spray gently for 8-10 seconds starting from the middle of the room toward the back door and window. Keep a spray distance of 1 meter from walls, fabrics, and furniture. Close the room for 15-20 minutes. Set back vent before masuk.Bahan Active: d-phenothrin 0.125%, 0.100% prallethrin, 99 775% additional material. 3409/4-2009/TKemkes RI RI Registration No. PKD 30,701,900,560

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Baygon Masquito Repellant Mat 60's

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