Name : Baby Porridge Promina 6+ Banana 120gr

Brand : Promina

Type : Baby porridge
Packaging unit  : Box 
Package contents : Pieces 

Information contents

A.Dimension  : -
B.Weight : 120 gr

C.Flavour : Banana 
Additional  information

Promina cereal porridge for babies 9 months and above, formulated to resemble porridge cereal homemade noodles with extra special texture that can help babies learn to bite and chew. With FOS content, Omega 3 & 6 and kalsium.Komposisi: wheat flour, rice flour, skim milk powder, sugar, palm oil (contains antioxidant L-aksorbil palmitate and alpha tocopherol), cocoa powder, banana slices, malt extract, frukto oligosaccharides, soya lecithin emulsifiers, mineral, vitamin premix, and fish oil (containing a mixture of antioxidants tocopherol and L-ascorbyl palmitate). LPPOM 00050018251101BPOM RI MD 810 110 125 188

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Baby Porridge Promina 6+ Banana 120gr

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