Name : Nestle Cerelac Baby Porridge Red Rice Milk Plus 120gr

Merk : Nestle Cerelac

Type : Baby Porridge

Packaging unit : Pieces

Package contents : Per pieces

Information contents

a.Dimension : -

b.Weigth : 120gr

c.Colour : Red

d.Flavour : Red Rice Milk Plus          

Additional infomation :

For infants 6-24 months

Nestlé Infant Milk porridge cerelac content has advantages :

1 . CHE ( Carbohydrate Hydrolysed Enzimatically ) is a proprietary technology to hydrolyze carbohydrates Nestlé naturally using enzymatic processes . benefits :
- Optimising nutrient density
- Soft texture , making it easier to swallow
- Easy to digest so as to enhance the flavor and natural sweetness without the addition of sucrose .

2 . DHA : This is one of the essential nutrients in infancy due to a dominant structural fatty acid in the nervous system and retina . benefits :
- Important for brain children up to age 2 years

3 . Probiotic Bifidus BL is a certain amount of good bacteria can remain alive and stable in the intestinal ecosystem so that the good bacteria will grow more dominant in the gut . benefits :
- Helps maintain the function of the gastrointestinal tract .

4 . Iron , Zinc , Vitamin A & C is a combination of minerals and vitamins called immunonutrient . Benefits : - Supports immune function .




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Nestle Cerelac Baby Porridge Red Rice Milk Plus 120gr

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