Name : Chicken Cut Per 100 gr

Type : Chicken

Packaging unit : Gram

Package contents : 100 gram

Information contents

a.Dimension : -

b.Weight : 100grm

c.Colour : -

Additional information :

Chicken meat is poultry-animal foods Unggasan commonly consumed by the people of Indonesia. Chicken contains 302 kilocalories of energy, 18.2 grams of protein, 0 grams carbohydrate, 25 grams fat, 14 milligrams of calcium, 200 milligrams phosphorus, and 2 milligrams of iron. Also in Chicken Meat also contains as much as 810 IU of vitamin A, vitamin B1 0.08 milligrams of vitamin C and 0 milligrams. The results obtained from conducted a study of 100 grams of chicken meat, the number of which can be eaten as much as 58%.


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Chicken Cut Per 100 gr

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