Name : Potato Per 100 gram

Type : Vegerable

Packaging unit : gram 

Package contents : 100 gram

Information content of       

          a.Dimension : Diameter 7 cm

          b.Colour : Brown

Additional information      

Benefit potato

Skin care
Vitamin-C, B complex and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc are good sources for skin care. Pulp obtained in the crushed raw potatoes, mixed with honey, can also be applied as a poultice on the skin wrinkles and other blemishes caused by aging.
brain function
Proper brain function is highly dependent on the supply of oxygen, glucose, magnesium, some members of the vitamin B complex and some hormones, such as amino acids and fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids. Potatoes meet almost all requirements above. In addition, the potatoes also contain certain other substances such as zinc and phosphorus are good for the brain as well.
Nutrients contained in potatoes such as vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium is a good resource to relieve inflammation, both internal and external such as colitis and digestive system. Because the potato was soft and easy to digest is good news for those who have mouth ulcers.

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Potato Per Kg

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