Name : Cheese Mozarella 250 gr

Merk : Mozarella

Type : Cheese

Packaging unit : Gram

Package contents : Per gram

Information contents

a.Dimension : -

b.Weight : 250gr

c.Colour : White

Additional information :

1. Cheese is rich in vitamin A
Did you know that cheese contains a lot of vitamin A which is very good for your eye health. In addition, vitamin A contained in cheese helps maintain healthy skin and protection from infection.

2. Cheese is rich in calcium
Calcium is a mineral that is essential for humans, among others, for the body's metabolism, connections between neurons, cardiac work, and muscle movement. Cheese contains calcium which is quite high, so it is good when consumed by children, for example, to help the growth of teeth and bones and blood clot in the wound so that the wound to dry faster.


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Cheese Mozarella 250 gr

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