Name : Broccoli

Type : Vegetable

Packaging unit : gram

Packaging contents : 100 gram 

Information contents :

   A. Dimension : Diameter 10 cm

   B. Colour : Green 

Additional Information :

Benefit Broccoli :

1. Able Fight and Prevent Cancer.
Anti-cancer agent is contained in brokoloi indoles, sulforaphane, isothlocyanate, glukosinolate, ditihiolthione and beta carotene.
Sulforaphane is a substance that will form the enzyme that can fight cancer, diabtes, heart disease, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Vegetables broccoli in the fight against cancer was not only able to prevent tumor growth by 60 percent, but also capable mngecilkan tumor size by 75 percent.

2. Able to normalize blood sugar levels.
Broccoli can be used as a substitute for rice for diabetes patients because broccoli is a source of carbohydrate with jum; ah lesser calories than rice.

3. Able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol.
Study found that the vegetable broccoli contains certain pectin fiber that is capable of binding calcium pektat bile acids, resulting in more cholesterol retained in the liver and less cholesterol released into the blood stream.

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Broccoli Per 100 gram

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