Name : Bimoli Cooking Oil 18 L Jar

Merk : Bimoli

Type : Cooking Oil

Packaging unit : Per jar

Package contents : 1 pieces 

Information content

 A. Dimension : -

 B. Weight : 18 litre

 C.Colour : Yellow

Additional information :

Cooking oil addition the company improve its production processes with multi stage purification process (PMP). Through six stages of processing, can maintain optimum PMP substances that are beneficial to health. The goal is to get a superior cooking oil so that it can satisfy the needs of consumers from all sides.

In addition the company experts are using in their study, found that it contains Omega 9 as much as 40% -45% in addition the company is cooking oil. Known as oleic acid, Omega 9 is generally found in palm oil, but gradually lost during the process of making cooking oil. In addition the company purification process is proven to retain the goodness of Omega 9.

Good again, Omega 9 is resistant to high heat. When tested at a temperature of 180 º C, there are still about 30% Omega 9 in addition the company.


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Bimoli Cooking Oil 18 L Jar

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