Name :Bicycles  Interbike

Merk : Interbike

Type : Bicycles

Packaging unit : Unit

Package contents : Per unit

Information contents :

a.Dimension : -

b.Weight :  -

c.Colour :  Gray

Additional information :

Not only that, following a number of reasons why cycling are needed by you:

1 Keep your immune system: The immune system serves to protect the body from infection and various forms of systemic disease. Research shows that moderate levels of activity, such as cycling, can strengthen the immune system and contributes to a healthy life. In addition, the immune system may increase the activity against tumors and help prevent diseases associated-with the tumor.

2 Muscles become stronger: During cycling, most of the muscles of the body is activated. Leg muscles that are responsible for pedaling a bicycle; abdominal and back muscles to stabilize the body on the bike and sleepers of influence ekdternal; and systems arm and shoulder muscles to support the body to be strong holding the handlebars. All training and muscle toning system, making the muscles more toned and able to function efficiently.

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Bicycles Interbike

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