Name : Beef Flavor Seasoning Royco Per kilogram

Merk : Royco

Type : Beef Flavor Seasoning

Packaging unit :  Kilogram

Package contents : Per kilogram

Information contents

a.Dimension : -

b.Weigth : 1 Kilogram

c.Colour : Yellow

d.Flavour : Beef  

Additional infomation :

Salt, flavor enhancers, sugar, meat has Bumb Sense and beef bone marrow (containing Onions, Celery, Flour, milk, eggs, soy, caramel coloring), vegetable fat, dextrin, pepper, extract of beef (meat and marrow), disodium Flavor succinate, turmeric, anti kempal silicon dioxide, acidity regulator citric acid

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Beef Flavor Seasoning Royco Per kilogram

  • Product Code: KCSP-01257
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rp. 37,550